Friday, January 13, 2012

tale begins with the lives of the fishing community

Movie Review : Gangaputrulu
Banner : K B R Productions, Sravya Films
Cast : SubbarajuGayatriRamkyTanmayiL B Sriram,Ravu RameshJeevaGundu SudarshanSamudram VenkateshKallu Chidambaram and Others
Music : Praveen Immadi
Cinematography : Sabu James
Producer: Kishore Basireddy, Yekkali Ravindra Babu
Director: P. Sunil Kumar Reddy
Released Date: March 25, 2011
A realistic story, the tale begins with the lives of the fishing community. Here lives Bosu (ramky) and his friends Borugu and Satti. A local girl Nookalu (tanmayi) is crazily in love with Bosu but he never cares for her. His concern is more on not finding enough fish and the lack of livelihood. Meanwhile, there is the big industrialist Ajay Dheeraj (subbaraju) who is moving his influence to come up with a big fisheries company which will actually threaten the existence of the fishermen. Then there is Swapna (gayatri) a journalist cum news reader keen on doing some real journalism. She comes across the hiccups in Ajay's approach and the harm it is causing to the lives of people like Bosu. What happens from there forms the rest of the story. 

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