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30,000BC Jamon tribe people in Japan

30,000BC Jamon tribe people in Japan

30,000 years ago tribal people we name today as JAMON lived in an island named Japan. These people were different than the ones today.I will tell you about the Jomon period. The Jomon period was the first period of Ancient Japan,live in small villages.people are mostly hunters or gatherers. They hunt animals like boars, deer, or fish.

The Jomon period was divided into 6 eras. The eras included the incipient era, the Initial era, the early era, the middle era, the last Jomon era, and the final Jomon era. The wise people in our village say that Jomon means cord-marked. I think that it makes sense because our pottery is filled with drawings. We had markings on cords and practiced in many parts of the ancient world.they have 6 eras, like I said before the first era was the incipient era. The incipient era was dated to be about 10,500 B.C-8,000 B.C.left behind pottery pieces. My dad said that he made pottery near the Kanto Plain. The reason we make potteries is that we make them for fun.

The people in the incipient Jomon were mostly hunters, but very few gatherers. These people developed the art of pottery before agriculture was introduced in Japan. Also the incipient Jomon demonstrated that pottery making is a human technology and it is just like agriculture.

Initial Jomon, which was dated to be about 8,000B.C. -5,000 B.C. Now the potteries were used for a different reason, boiling food.these potteries were different than the ones in the incipient era.

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