Monday, August 12, 2013

Danger behind the mulki rule,telangana charitra

Danger behind the mulki ruletelangana charitraFollowing the ‘Non-Mulki’ agitation, the Government of Hyderabad notified Mulki Rules on November 1, 1949. These rules provided safeguards to the people of erstwhile Hyderabad State in government jobs. In terms of the provisions of these rules, no person was to be appointed to any superior or inferior service if he was not a mulki and any person who was a non-mulki was deemed to have been dismissed. A person was considered mulki, if he was a subject of Hyderabad State or by residence in Hyderabad State was entitled to be a mulki. A person was also considered a mulki, if his father had completed 15 years of service at the time of his birth or the wife of the person was a mulki. A person was deemed to be a mulki if he was a permanent resident of Hyderabad State for at least 15 years and has abandoned the idea of returning to the place of his previous residence and has obtained an affidavit to this effect attested by a Magistrate. The Mulki Rules 1949 are reproduced in Annexure 2.1. “In regard to appointments and employment in Telangana region, they seem to be having some fears that educationally more advanced people from Andhra region might usurp all avenues of employment depriving Telangana people of their due share. I want to make it clear that we do not want anything in your share of employment at all. We are assuring you that we would not touch your 1/3 share in employment. Such an assurance is made not only on my personal behalf but also on behalf of this Assembly and the Government.”

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