Saturday, February 27, 2010


State Reorganisation Commission (SRC,1955) headed by Justice Fazal Ali has recommended that Telangana area shall continue as a separate state.

In 1956, Under “Gentlemen’s Agreement” Andhra leaders have given certain assurances to the Telangana leaders. On the basis of them united Andhra Pradesh was formed in 1956.
Safeguards given under Gentlemen’s Agreement in 1956

Status of those safeguards today i.e., in 2010:

1.It was reduced to 4 years in 1975.
Even that 4 years safeguard also grossly violated.
2.Not followed. Violated in many ways. Freezone concept initiated.
eg, not even 10% of jobs in Secretariat are from Telanagana people.
3.Regional Council itself was abolished. Lakhs of acres of fertile land under canals in Telangana region gone into the hands of the Andhrites. Minor irrigation in Telangana neglected.
4.Regional Council was abolished.
5.Those balance funds were transferred in large scale for the development of Andhra region.

6.In 1956 itself, the promise was broken. The first C.M. was from Andhra but Dy.C.M. post was not given to Telanganite.
Out of 54 years only 6 years C.M. post was held by Telanganites.
7.Not followed.

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