Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Telugu Literature at the hands of King Krishnadeva Raya

Telugu Literature at the 
hands of King Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagar.
Everyone knows the great patronage enjoyed under them. The prabandha style which owed
its origin to Somana and Srinatha was perfected by Allasani Peddana the
court-poet of Krishnadevaraya. Besides Peddana, his court contained a galaxy of 
Telugu Poets, known as the Astadiggajas among whom were included such 
great men as Mukku Timmana, Tenali Ramakrishna, Pingali Surana and 
Dhurjati. Each of these endowed Telugu Poetry with a new individuality. 
Until the latter part of the last century, the prabandha style reigned supreme. 
The period of the Nayak Kings of Tanjore, was in splendour and richness of 
output, the immediate corollary of the period of Krishnadevaraya at Vijayanagar. 
The Mahratta Rajas succeeded both to the throne and the tradition of the 
Nayak Kings. They continued their patronage to Telugu Poets, besides some 
of them being themselves poets of a high order. Thus the Tanjore Telugu 
Manuscripts represent a collection, unique in its richness and variety, gathered 
together during the three centuries 1500 A. D. to 1800 A. D. under the royal 
patronage of two dynasties, the Telugu Nayaks and the Mahratta Rajas. 

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