Tuesday, April 6, 2010

G O 610 good bad ugly

Government Order 610

There have been major violations of the Presidential Order in all the Telangana Zones,
more particularly in Zones V and VI. The Telangana Employees unions have been
submitting representation pointing out the violations. Following these representations, the
State Government issued the Order No. 610 on December 30 1985 addressing some of
the serious violations of the Presidential Order. This is the umpteenth time that the
safeguards given to Telangana were violated with impunity. This Order of the Government
is proof enough of the Government’s admissions of the violations. The Go provides for the
repatriation of all employees allotted to Zones V and VI in violation of the zonalisation of
local cadres under the Six-Point Formula and rectification of other violations.

Violation of Government Order 610

What else can be expected by the employees of Telangana, except the violation of
the GO 610 which itself was intended to rectify the previous violations. Is there any
remedy for the employees? As things have unfolded, the GO was never
implemented. What can be expected except one more assurance which was never
intended to be implemented? How long will the people of Telangana be neglected
with abandon. Is the Government not accountable to its pronounced assurances?
The Government of Andhra Pradesh appointed a One Man Commission (Girglani) on
June 25 2001 to receive representations regarding the injustice done in the
implementation of the GO. 610 and to suggest follow up action for the rectification of
defects, anomalies and irregularities. Despite the Commission’s recommendations, there
has been no action. Why should Government bury the GO all these years. There is no
remedy short of separate statehood.

A House Committee of the State Legislature examined the issue of violation of GO. 610
and submitted its interim Report on March 17, 2003. The Committee unanimously
recommended immediate repatriation of the non-locals appointed to the posts earmarked
for the locals. The Committee further recommended that the directions given by the
Andhra Pradesh Administrative Tribunal should be implemented in letter and spirit
forthwith by the Government and that a combined seniority list should be prepared for the
employees keeping aside those to be repatriated to their respective Zones. Despite
assurances, GO. 610 is yet to be implemented in all its aspects.

We have presented a factual account of the situation in Telangana since the
formation of the State of Andhra Pradesh in 1956. It is a story of assurances which
were never meant to be fulfilled. The assurances started with the Gentlemen’s
Agreement and its violation followed by Eight Point Formula, Five-Point Formula,
Presidential Order, Six-Point Formula and GO. 610. Each of these assurances was
given following the violation of the earlier assurance. Violation after violation of the
successive assurances has left the people of Telangana with no option but to seek
a separate statehood for the region.

No assurance will work in a Government dominated by Andhra political leadership
and administration too dominated by them.

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