Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WATER SHARE subject from an Friend

AP got nearly 40 major projects in which 37 went to Seemandhra region Telangana side Seemandhra side
SLBC (30 TMC) not taken up, SLBC beyond Musi (20 TMC) not taken up, RDS extension (10 TMC) not taken up, LIS to high level areas in Mahabubnagar not taken up, Bheema LIS 20 TMC under construction for many years Telugu Ganga project (29 TMC) completed, SRBC (19 TMC) completed, KC canal extension completed (10 TMC), Upland areas Brahmamgari matham reservoir (10 TMC) completed, SRBC beyond Gorakallu (20TMC) under construction, Puchintala evaporation losses (5 TMC) under construction, Veligonda not recommended project (40 TMC) almost completed, Handrineeva sujala sarvanthi not recommended (38 TMC) almost completed, Galerunagari sujala sravanthi not recommended (38 TMC) is under construction

Pothireddypadu regulator was originally created for drinking water to Chennai with 5 TMC. Gradually 5 projects were ‘piggy backed’ & augmented to canal. In the name of Chennai drinking water, Seemandhra wanted to take entire Srisailam water • Veligonda project is being constructed on war footing basis. This will drain 60 TMC of water from Srisailam. This project is not allotted (water share by tribunal) and do not have clearance till now. • Handrineeva Sujala Sravanthi, not allotted not cleared project is going on war footing • SLBC despite of all recommendations, clearances and permissions never started. • Manuguru thermal power station proposed to be in Telangana was lobbied to be shifted to Vijayawada, transporting coal from singareni. • Dummugudem Hydal power station remained a promise on paper. • Icchampalli power (975 MW) project never started. • If Mumbai is not a free-zone, Delhi is not a freezone, Kolkatta is not a freezone, Chennai is not a freezone, Pune is not a freezone … why should Hyderabad be a freezone? Andhras were even demanding entire Telangana should be freezone.

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