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Conditions of Age Health & Domicile

No person will be appointed in any superior or Inferior Service without the specific sanction of His
Exalted Highness if he is not a Mulki in terms of the rules laid down in Appendix ‘N’. Any person whose
domicile is cancelled under para 9 of the Mulki Rules will be considered to have been dismissed from
the date of such cancellation.

(Referred to in Article 39)
1. A person shall be called a Mulki if:
(a) by birth he is a subject of the Hyderabad State; or
(b) by residence in the Hyderabad State, he has been entitled to be Mulki; or
(c) his father having completed 15 years of service was in the Government service at the time of
his birth;
(d) She is a wife of a person who is a Mulki.
2. A person shall be called a subject of the Hyderabad State by birth at the time of whose
birth his father was a Mulki.
3. A person shall be called a Mulki who has a permanent residence in the Hyderabad State for
atleast 15 years and has abandoned the idea of returning to o the place of his previous
residence and has obtained an affidavit to that effect on a prescribed form attested by a
4. Where a Mulki woman marries a non-Mulki but does not give up her residence in the
Hyderabad State, her rights which she enjoys by virtue of her being a Mulki shall not be
affected in any way.
5. Where a woman is a Mulki marries a non-Mulki and resides outside the Hyderabad State along
with her husband and returns to reside permanently in the Hyderabad State after the death of
her husband or after obtaining a judicial separation shall again be called a Mulki but her
children shall be called Non-Mulkis unless they are entitled to be Mulkis under these rules.
6. Subject to the above provisions the Taluqdar, Hyderabad District for Hyderabad City and
Hyderabad District and the Taluqdar of the District in the Districts shall be competent to grant
Mulki Certificate on the prescribed form provided that the father of the applicant prior to his residence in the Hyderabad State or appointment in the Hyderabad Government service or the
applicant himself prior to his residence in the Hyderabad State:-
(a) Was not a British subject; or
(b) Was a subject of any State other than a British protectorate;
(c) If he has not obtained a certificate under the Indian Naturalization Act of 1926, the application for
the grant of Mulki Certificate shall be submitted in the office of the Secretary Judicial Department
for action.
Exception: In the case of inferior servant whose initial pay does not exceed Rs.25/- a month, a Mulki
Certificate granted by an Officer of the Department concerned who is competent to make his
appointment on the post will be sufficient. But the said servant shall not be promoted to Superior
service unless he obtains a Mulki Certificate from an officer authorized ordinarily to grant certificate
under these Rules.
Expanation 1: The Berari shall in case of his appointment in any district obtain Mulki Certificate from the
Taluqdar of the district and from the Taluqder of the Hyderabad District in case of appointment in
Hyderabad City and Hyderabad district and he shall along with his application submit a certificate in
accordance with the provisions in force in Berar of his being a Berari.
Explanation 2: A Government servant in superior service in case of his appointment in a district shall
obtain Mulki Certificate from the Taluqdar of the district or from the Taluqdar of the district where he
resides and from the Talukdar Hyderabad district in case of Hyderabad City and Hyderabad district.
Explanation 3: A resident of Secunderabad or other assigned areas shall obtain a Mulki Certificate from
the Taluqdar, Hyderabad District and a Resident of Aurangabad Cantonment from the Taluqdar of
Aurangabad District.
7. In the application for the grant of a Mulki Certificate, in addition to all facts which support the
application, the following matters shall be mentioned and in the end it shall be certified by a declaration
on oath that the facts stated in the application are correct and that he is aware that in case of wrong
entry action may be taken against him in accordance with the powers of the court and Rule No.9:-
(a) Where was the applicant born?
(b) Date and place of birth
(c) Places where he was educated
(d) Where was he residing prior to his residing in the Hyderabad State?
(e) Place of birth and nationality of his father and grand-father
(f) Place of education of the applicant’ s father
(g) Where was he residing at the time of the applicant’s birth and after
Completing 21st year of his age?
(h) From what period the applicant is permanently residing in the Hyderabad State and whether he has
abandoned the idea of returning to his native land?
(i) Has the applicant’s father or he himself acquired or intends to acquire any immovable property
within the Hyderabad State?
(j) Has the applicant’s father or he himself created such connections within the Hyderabad State which
lead to believe that they have made Hyderabad State their native land?
(k) Was an application made previously for a Mulki Certificate and if so to whom and what orders were
passed thereon?
8. In case the application for the grant of a Mulki Certificate is rejected an appeal may lie to
Subedar concerned against the order within a month from the date of the rejection and the
order of the Subedar shall be final.
9. Government in the Police Department may cancel any Mulki Certificate if the Government finds
that any of the entries made in the application for the Mulki Certificate under Rule 7 is not
correct or that it was obtained by false personation or false statements and it may cancel
certificates of persons mentioned in clauses (b), (c) and (d) of Rule 1 if the holder of the Mulki
Certificate is disloyal to H.E.H or the Hyderabad Government in his conduct or behaviour or is
directly or indirectly connected with such political activities which are detrimental or contrary to
the interest of the Hyderabad Government.

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