Friday, August 19, 2011

Discovery Channel IN TELUGU FROM 1 OCT 2010

Launched on October 1,2010 the Telugu language feed is available every day from 6 in the evening till midnight. “Our viewership has jumped to around 90 percent in just about two weeks time since our introduction of the Telugu feed,” said Rajiv Bakshi, vice president, marketing, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific, adding, “The 24-hour Telugu feed could come into place in January next year.” All programmes and their airing schedules remain the same as the English, Hindi and Tamil feeds. “What really differentiates us from others is our programming content which nobody has been able to replicate,” said Bakshi, who showed a few clippings of some of the channel’s new programmes like ‘Worst case scenario’ and ‘Speed of life.’
“This year we also launched Discovery Turbo, Discovery Science and Discovery HD World. So we have six unique portfolios,” said Bakshi adding that the network is a leader in non-fiction entertainment.  Discovery Channel which reaches over 53 million subscribers launched its Hindi and Tamil feed in 1998 and 2010 respectively.

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