Thursday, August 18, 2011

gidugu awarded KAIZER-E-Hind

Distinguished pandits like CV sastry Sri T.Sivasankara Sastry, Sri Veerasalingam, Sri P. Adinarayana Sastry, Sri V. Rama Sastry supported the reformation towards colloquial language. On 28 February 1919 “Varthamaana Andhrabhasha pravartaka samajam” was established with Veeresalingam as President and Gidugu as secretary. In 1924 Andhra Sahitya Parishat lifted the ban on Colloquial language.
On 15 January 1940, Gidugu addressed some editors as his last request. He was glad to see the colloquial language use was spreading. He lamented the fact that the Government's education department and the Universities are still using the Prose.
Madras government recognized Gidugu's services and awarded his 'Kaizer-e-Hind' medal.
Gidugu Rammurty died on 22 January 1940.

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