Monday, March 29, 2010

about TCMG

TCMG considered this committee as more
elaborate than that of State Reorganisation Commission, though not constituted as per
Commission’s act, but with seven terms of reference – last one being the scope for
making appropriate suggestion or recommendation.

The division and divide among Telangana and non-Telangana is so deep among all
sections of the society and passions are mounting as the process is being delayed.

The passions refuse to die down. This situation is now beyond solution.

All Telangana masses are for expeditious separation where as the Machiavellian
corporate cunning class of other parts is for continuing their hold of power, economy and
polity in the name of ‘unified’.

With separation, all the Telugu people can be permanent friends. Pressure tactics to
hold united will lead to unbearable enmity.

With their sponsored disturbances, Telangana movement is gradually moving towards
much deeper civic strife, which is detrimental to the very foundations of our Indian

We are generous in sharing of river waters, natural resources and other infrastructure.
We also know of the projected growth avenues of Coastal and Rayalaseema regions
with petroleum, natural gas, mineral and other ecological deposits.
We also understand the potential of the seashore and its growing opportunities.
We also know that they will never reach us where as non-Telanganaites will squeeze us
to exhaust and extinguish like Red Indians of original America, if we loose to get
separate state.
There are clear cut boundaries to the state to be formed in the shape of clear 17
Loksabha and 119 Assembly constituencies spreading among 10 districts. Telangana as
state is larger than more than 100 countries and will be among big states of our country.
The contentious claimed growth of Hyderabad is just a myth and it is not to yield fruits to
natives, as the per capita incomes and other human development and human poverty
index will clearly explain.
With all these non-reaching yield, Telangana is known to its accommodative and
compassionate nature.
For several hundreds of years, thousands and lakhs of Kannadigas,

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