Monday, March 8, 2010


Satavahana rulers were subdued during the period of Asoka but were independent

rulers from 8 th c BC,as given the privilege to be of vishvamitra lineage, In puranas

they were referred as satavahanas,satakarni,and Andhras, they have 30 forts ,

1000 elephants,100,000 infantry,2000cavalry.

The Deccan region was covered by large number of small tribal

kings which were often in war among themselves.

The Satavahana were the strongest among them after naga kings,

In this way the kingdom of satavahana came into existence in telanagana

region defeating the mahatalavaras.We get numismatic evidence to prove

this point enclosing the photo of rare Mahatalavarasa coin from my coin

collection along With some satavahana coins too from various coin collectors

collection which were worth noting in explaining the expertise used in minting

and various designs from various regional mints of one king and

Of other satavahana rulers Explained,

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