Monday, March 29, 2010

RAHUL GANDHI meets TCMG members

Telangana tale is full of continuous oppression, imperialism, colonization, expansionism,
linguistic abuse and human rights violations.


The word TELANGANA is thousands of years old. It means the land where Telugu is
spoken. The land has civilization of thousands of years.

Certain etymologists concluded that the present location, on longitude between
15degrees and 21degrees and latitude between 74 degrees and 82 degrees on
Deccan plateau is the land where Telugu was first spoken.

Aboriginal Telugu words were intact till recently, among illiterate people of the remote
TELANGANA, where as people of all other Telugu areas add words of other Languages
knowingly or unknowingly in their communication.

Telangana, as Telingana, Telingane is in global historical records for the last two
thousand years. Karl Marx recorded this word in this geographical setting, tracing the
happenings since 11th century, in his notes on India.

In the modern Indian history, Telangana is known for waging war against its ruler,
establishing communication channels, organizing armed camps and struggles, facing
brutal and fatal forces just to Join India, convey its attachment and love for India.

Presently, Telangana caught the imagination of our nation, global village for being
oppressed, suppressed and facing pressure to be in the clutches of united.

Even today, Telangana has to learn from these united singulars about its land, language,
culture, history, societal expectations, economic deprivation and political slavery.

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