Monday, March 29, 2010

TCMG report extracts for info from open document,

Telangana though land with holdings of nobles, deprived of learning in Telugu gave its people harmony, health care, exposure to modernity and taste of advanced administration.

Sir Ronald Ross conducted his experiments on malaria in Hyderabad in
1897 which earned him Nobel Prize in 1902. In 1907, Hyderabad had astronomical research – Nizamia Observatory. Congenial for innovations. Such advanced installations grew in number even before it became integral part of independent India.

The case for Telangana state is over examined, excessively evaluated, rigourously reported and dutifully deceived. SAYS RAPOLU ANANDA BASKAR

The reports on Telangana are full of broken promises, un-adhered agreements, failed formula, swallowed surpluses and safeguards, reversed recommendations, cunningly contended contexts, twisted terms and thoroughly recorded references

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