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Gautamiputra (Sri Yagna) Sātakarni (also known as Shalivahan) (r. 78-106 CE)

Defeated.According to the Western Satrap ruler Nahapana, restoring the prestige

of his dynasty by reconquering a large part of the former dominions of the


He was an ardent supporter of Hinduism.According to the Nasik inscription made by

his mother Gautami Balasri, he is the one…who crushed down the pride and conceit

of the Kshatriyas (the native Indian princes, the Rajputs of Rajputana, Gujarat and

Central India); who destroyed the Shakas (Western Kshatrapas), Yavanas

(Indo-Greeks) and Pahlavas (Indo-Parthians),… who rooted the Khakharata

family (The Kshaharata family of Nahapana); who restored the glory of the


Chronology and geography are rightly stated to be the two eyes of history;

neither of themhowever enables us to get a clear glimpse of the Satavahana

history. There are wide differencesamong scholars both about the time when

the Satavahanas rose to power, as also about theiroriginal home. One school

holds that the Satavahanas established their power in the last quarter of

the 3rd century B.C.; the other opines that they began to rule in the second

quarter of the firstcentury B. C. One school holds that their home was

somewhere in Andhra country or Telangana ;the other holds that it lay

somewhere in Maharashtra, either in Western India or near Pratisthana

,their traditional capital. It will be convenient to settle these controversial

points before we proceed togive an account of the history of the dynasty.

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