Monday, March 8, 2010

words talari,talavara, nagamma,viramma.

Lets us start the history of satavahana from established

sources such as the Megasthanes of 295BC and Pliny[ VI-;XVII:XIX]who

wrote that in south there is a dynasty by the name of ANDHRA.

Lets see what my Russian friend and linguist M.S.Andropov has to say

about word “Andhra” ..He tried to trace the origions of Telugu culture,why

they are so special and superior to other cultures even during the

Mahabarata period to get special mention about their 30 forts is worth

noting.We can understand they are aLarge cultural group little different from

other major Indian cultures.

They lived on the banks of river tributary whose name was Andri

and Handri ,they are in that name still today in Maharashtra and tungabadra

subriver even though the names in our region were changed in time cycle.

There is an Andhra valley near Bombay,Bellary inscription give the word

Andhrapathamau [220AD]

The usage of Mahatalavarasa word by satavahana kings show us that the official

language was Prakruti the common man language was newly developing telugu

an offshoot of Brahmi.

We come across the words talari,talavara meaning gramadhikari,Nagarjunakonda

inscription have the words nagamma,viramma.

There are several telugu words in GathaSaptaSathi,Vajjalaggam which is worth


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