Monday, March 8, 2010


Cant we accept the theory of puranas of 29 kings ,which was

Corraberated by all puranas not one in same pattern except minor

Differences, now and then we get coins of some new rulers .

There are instances that only numismatic evidence which give

us proofssome unknown dynasties and kings so refute in this

point with some scholars.

Being numismatist I have seen lot of instances like this ,last

Decade,We have not seen many chera coins now we have

seeing many new varietiesOf chera coins.Hope some day

we will get a big hoard of coins of rulers with unknown

kings of satavanahas in tune with Puranas?

The Puranas like Matsya, Vayu, Vishnu, Bhagvata and Brahmanda

provide important, if confusing, data for the reconstruction of the

Satavahana history. Literary works like Brihatkatha of Gunadya,

Gathasaptasati of Hala, or Lilavati yield useful information on the

period. Foreign literary sources like the ‘Indica’ of Megastanese,

Pliny’s ‘Natural History’,

The study of the Satavahana coins, particularly the Jogalthambi

hoard of Nahapana’s coins, most of them restruck by Gautamiputra

Satakarni, can help the historian of the period. The Satavahana

inscriptions, all of them inscribed on stone, provide valuable data

for the reconstruction of their history

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