Monday, March 8, 2010


Even prakriti language was written in northern Brahmi

The Satavahana rulers were called as Andrabrutyas ,which later was given to

the name of the clan whichthe ruling family belonged as thought by historians

.Their home was no doubt the telugu country in telangana expanded to river krishna ,

Godavari regions,with kotilangala as capital city.

According to Puranas and Historians the Satavahan Dynasty

was started by King Simuka satavahana named in inscriptions was also called as

Sisuka in Matsya Puraná; Sipraka in Vishnu Puraná; sinduka in Vayu Puraná ;

,Ch’hismaka in Brahmanda Puraná;Yuga Purana mentioned him as

Satuvara: Col.Wilford; list gives his name as Sri Karna Deva of Sipraka but one,

every Paraná accept is his tenure as king was TWENTY THREE years.

In Jain accounts he is called as Gadabhilla father of Vikrama

who ruled over Andhra.

Chart of ALL Puranas history names tenure of each king for 29 satavahana kings

is given separately.

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